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Our hemp based CBD pet wellness products were created to work in tandem together as a solution to joint pain, aggression, barking, anxiety and many other daily stressors that cause pets to act out.

Dog Treats

Hemp Dog Treats

Our Joint Relief Steak bites are designed to aid in joint pain and stiffness and discomfort your pet may feel as they age or from an injury. Our Beef and Cheese wraps are designed to aid in lowering and managing anxiety your pet may experience from pain, age or common daily stress like separation anxiety, nervousness, thunder or aggression. Tasty treats with a low dose of hemp based CBD will be your pets new best friend.

Specifically Created To

Alleviate Anxiety

Anxiety from pain or outside stimuli can affect your pets wellbeing. Our hemp based CBD treats help calm your pet to a happy relaxed state.

Calm Them Down

Low dose hemp based CBD dog treats are made to return your pet to their normal happy state by relieving anxiety and pain naturally.


Calm nervousness in your pet quickly with low dose hemp based CBD dog treats, designed to lower anxiousness and nervousness in their behaviour.


Beef Cheese Wraps Dog Treats
Beef Cheese Wraps

Our Beef Cheese Wraps will create a peaceful and serene state in your pup that will calm his mind, calm his anxiety, relieve his nervousness.



Joint Relief Steak Bites Dog Treats
Joint Relief Steak Bites

Our hemp based CBD dog treats are a healthful natural way to boost your pets wellbeing while promoting a calm, peaceful happy state as he/she feels the inflammation and pain in his joints alleviate.