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Bundle Chronic Pain Day/Night Travel Kit


Product Description
Chronic pain is extremely challenging to live with and wears your resolve down day and night, and it’s hard to sleep through the pain. We get that. We created this Chronic Pain Travel Kit in travel friendly sizes to combat the pain and insomnia and lack of sleep you may experience because the pain will not allow your body to relax and your brain to turn off. This kit contains a pain patch, Muscle + Joint Mini Balm, 7 count travel sized ZZZZ (sleep) gummies and 7 count travel sized Activate (energy) gummies.

Bundle set

  • Hemp Extract Patch
  • Muscle + Joint Mini Balm
  • 7 Count ZZZZ Gummies
  • 7 Count Activate Gummies

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    We take your wellness super seriously and created a small but very focused inventory of wellness products that enhance your body (and pets body) from the inside out for everyday use. Our exceptional plant based natural ingredients and safe processing practices are the framework from which our R&D is steeped and we pride ourselves on delivering cutting edge forward thinking products that aid in pain management, wellness and beauty for both you and your pet!
    It’s easy for a company to say they deliver the finest, purest, and the most effective hemp products on the planet but how do you know this is true - and what makes a hemp product the finest, purest and most effective? Our ingredients are sourced from reliable growers specifically because we take your wellness and what you put into and on your body seriously. We source exceptional ingredients and adhere to safe processing practices so the not so great things found in hemp oil are eliminated, like heavy metals, salmonella and pesticides.
    Our objective is to deliver the finest, purest, and most effective hemp based CBD products on the planet, to new and experienced users alike. Every ingredient included in our products have specific therapeutic properties to meet your wellness needs. Knowing that everything we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies, we strategically source the finest of raw natural materials the earth has to offer. All of our formulas are original, created and tested internally and externally.

    Bundle - Chronic Pain Day/Night Travel Kit