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Who We Are?

Hemp 26 is committed to set a global market standard for premium all-natural wellness products combining herbs, botanicals, plant terpenes, Delta 8, and Hemp, to offer consumer products that are solutions for pain relief, and wellness by means of effective formulations. Our intention is to become the world leader in the practical use of Hemp for overall life enhancement.


Delivering the finest, purest, and the most effective hemp products on the planet to new and experienced users alike. Every ingredient included in our products has specific therapeutic properties that promote wellness. Knowing that everything we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies, we strategically source the finest raw materials the earth has to offer. Our formulas are original, created solely with the wellness of our customers at the core and tested extensively to ensure effectiveness and outcomes are aligned with this aim. Our founder Ariel is a lifelong enthusiast of wellness. His passion for high quality hemp products is the motivation behind the brand and desire to bring premium all-natural wellness products to the hands of millions around the world. The brand’s focus to exceed expectations and benchmark both in terms of quality and innovation is what empowers the hemp 26 brand and what separates us from the rest. We will strive to provide the HEMP 26 family the best of the best in the hemp world, for generations to come.

Our Company Vision For 2021

We've all just come through a monumentally unprecedented year that brought on a cataclysmic change that led to an upheaval in our everyday lives and behaviors, and at a minimum our individual circadian rhythms are incredibly off balance. It seems as if each day brings a new center of gravity, whether it be from quarantine, home-schooling for the first time, lack of privacy, no access to structured physical activities, and so many other by-products of life during a pandemic, all topped with a rational fear of not having access to basic amenities. We spent 2020 entrenched in our Hemp 26 formulation laboratories, studying the most up-to-date scientific data, researching every double-blind study we could get our hands on, then developing and testing multiple stages of prototypes from which only the very best of the best made it through our in-depth R&D procedures and research panels. We realize there isn’t much we can do about our global situation but what we can do is get in our labs, do the research, test, test and test, then provide you with an all-natural wellness product to aid you in upgrading your overall wellness levels. We create products to help you ensure that your personal choices are gaining you days not losing them. We believe our products are going to make your life a lot better, whether it be bringing you clarity and/or focus. 

We take your wellness super seriously and created a small but very focused inventory of wellness products that enhance your body (and pets body) from the inside out for everyday use. Our exceptional plant based natural ingredients and safe processing practices are the framework from which our R&D is steeped and we pride ourselves on delivering cutting edge forward thinking products that aid in pain management, wellness and beauty for both you and your pet!